3 Simple Steps to Energy as a Service

For companies using over €5,000 in electricity monthly, Energy as a Service makes great commercial sense. There is no capital outlay, with the costs being covered out of the savings. Watch the Energy as a Service video here.

1. Energy Audit

First we conduct a site survey and energy audit to really understand your current usage and electrical and lighting needs. Having assessed your electrical energy needs, our energy and lighting engineers then design a system covering your lighting, solar site effectiveness and EV charging requirements.

2. Report and Proposal

Secondly, we discuss the savings, improved lighting and installation schedule with you. Part of this step is demonstrating energy efficiencies, showing how savings of between 60 and 70 percent can be achieved in many installations. Typically, a system will deliver significant energy savings from the day of installation.

3. Installation and Immediate Savings

Once agreed, the capital costs can be financed by the current 20 million Euro Verde Green Energy Fund. The cost of the installation is funded by a portion of the energy savings over a three to five year period. Then we schedule installation and your organisation can start saving.