Saving energy and long-term efficiency starts with the professional lighting audit.

A professional on-site energy audit is essential.

Saving energy, a lower overhead, reduced carbon footprint and a safer, happier team all stem from the lighting audit. Before any retrofit lighting project can run smoothly, an accurate and meaningful Lighting Audit is vital to ensure the project can be completed in the most efficient and safe manner. 

The Verde Approach

There is far more to the audit than counting light fittings. The Verde approach begins with an analysis of your facility, so we can see where efficiencies and improvements can be made before designing a lighting package that optimises your energy savings and light level requirements. 

Time and again, this approach has been proven to deliver the best long-term solution with more efficient lighting, significant energy savings, and a happier, safer team. 

The Verde approach is to simplify the process and to make the finished environment as comfortable and productive for staff and customers. During an audit Verde Energy captures the specific IP, glare and IK ratings required for the facility. For example, our sports lights have high impact ratings and low glare ratings to ensure a comfortable environment while avoiding damage. 

Additional Factors

Other factors specific to modern warehouse environments include specific high-bay lighting, ensuring optimal lighting in aisle traffic areas. Very often substantial savings and increased safety can be achieved by planning lighting for the specific environment rather than using a 360º approach. The on-site lighting audit is essential to this process. 

We also investigate if additional controls can be incorporated into your lighting system to reduce your consumption further – occupancy controls, daylight harvesting, exterior photocells where applicable. We plan the audit and the installation around your needs to ensure minimal interruption, a safe environment and safe storage so your old fixtures can be recycled easily and efficiently.

Audits are completed by trained, experienced personnel who can help design what you need and know what is required so you can be sure there are no hidden costs down the line. 

A successful lighting retrofit starts and finishes with the professional audit and ensures that you get a system that not only saves you money but is suitable for your long-term needs, delivering optimum savings over long term.

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