Solar Implementation Gathers Pace

Solar PV uptake has accelerated substantially over the past number of months. This is due to several factors including rising energy costs, pressure on the national grid, the launch of a feed-in tariff programme and the intention by corporates to move rapidly towards clean energy as part of ESG policy.

Work with experts

Companies thinking about a solar installation should contact an expert in the field such as the Verde Energy Group. Product quality has matured with premium suppliers offering Tier 1 PV panels and inverters enabling clean power generation for 30 years. VERDE is in the large commercial PV space customising systems for clients by droning each site and designing a system that maximises generation and minimises losses through shadowing.

Be mindful of variables

Solar PV works for most business but there are a few variables that exist. A quality site will have the following attributes:

  • A roof or ground area for installation with little or no shading. (There are pitched roof, flat roof, and ground mount systems available.)
  • A reasonable consumption pattern.
  • An intention to stay in the current unit for at least 5 to 6 years.

A careful examination of the energy consumption patterns is paramount to sizing a system to meet needs and expectations. Solar generation is not linear with the majority of solar being generated between March and September and between the hours of 12-4pm.

Solar increasingly becomes the choice of Irish businesses.

Evaluate, plan, monitor

Verde engineers will investigate base and peak loads and have live monitoring through an app which can help evaluate generation, plan consumption and monitor usage patterns. Systems can be designed to take out part of the grid consumption, maximise on site generation and feed in excess to the grid or to store in battery systems, topping up in winter months on lower night rates.

Rapid deployment

Verde Energy Group has the capability to turnkey large projects quickly. This reduces the cost of waiting and gets you up and running with your own generation facility as soon as possible. 

Financial solutions

Verde Energy Group offers fully financed solutions where required through finance houses and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Installations are also written off in the first year under the Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA) scheme minimising capital exposure.